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Making Bunnies

 I always intend to make some cute things for Easter, then suddenly it's the week after and I realise it's far too late. Not this year! I set myself a goal and managed to sketch, draft, record and edit a PDF and video pattern in four days.  Here's some behind the scenes of this make, with the pattern linked at the end to Ravelry and YouTube.  The finished bunnies will also be available on Etsy as a one off, if you're so inclined.  I started with sketching different bunny designs, deciding "what makes a bunny?" for what to include.  It can be tricky to know where to start, but I knew I wanted it to be a small and quick make. Both to meet my goal date and because I wanted this to be in my beginner patterns section.  I have been working on larger and more complex projects lately that can be daunting. This one was to use simple stitches that aren't too fiddly or time consuming to make.  Once I had that down, I raided my stash of yarn to start playing with shap

The Making of a Crochet Triceratops Plushy

 Many years ago I made a triceratops pattern, it started off all kinds of goofy before developing into what I had imagined.  I really wanted it to have the pointed beak and stand on four legs, as so many other patterns are more of a teddy style.  I had a lot of fun trying it in different yarns, my favourite will always be the Dancing Baby DK from Ice Yarns in rainbow, but it's unfortunately no longer available. It took a few tries to get it right, but being stubborn pays off sometimes. With such pretty colours what's not to love?  I have had the written pattern up on Etsy and Ravelry for a few years now, but have been asked many times for a video tutorial. I understand how daunting plushie patterns are to start, my heart was warmed by my testers, many of whom had never crocheted a plushie before and still jumped in! The time has come though, and the full tutorial is available free on YouTube now, with full instructions on screen to help teach reading a pattern along side the st