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Season 1 of Beginner Crochet Series is LIIIIIVVVEEEEEE

When I first started my YouTube channel, I thought I would just focus on patterns. There’s already so many videos on how to do the stitches or starting projects. But over time I came around to the idea, because despite all those other videos existing they aren’t the way I would explain them. Thus the Beginner Series was born. It has started with four videos covering the areas I remember getting stuck on most when I was learning crochet  It was also great practice for me with editing because they’re much shorter than my other videos. I have a massive project coming up which will need to be broken into a series and being able to reference these videos to help adventurous beginners will make it much less stressful for everyone involved. I have plans for more videos into this series, do you have any suggestions or ideas? The first video is for starting in the round, using either a chain start or magic circle. My very first crochet make was a beanie and the chain method was the first