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Getting Crafty: Announcing My Vlog!

I have launched a crafting vlog channel: Shiny Crafting on YouTube! !! Crochet may have been my main craft over the last... decade, but now I'm going to be vlogging my hand sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, painting and more. I'll be sharing progress, experiments, and decision making along the way.  I'll be posting every two weeks, roughly, with miscellaneous craft related topics. Three videos are live so far on YouTube, and have been sharing various projects on socials in the last few months. Links to the channel and socials  are on my LinkTree . (10 minute read) Awkward but excited I may do the odd tutorial, but that won't be the focus. I spend a lot of time each week with tutorials for crochet as Shiny Crochet , and while I love that, I'm very excited to have this separate space for a more relaxed and candid format.  Crochet definitely took priority for a long time, but even then I still snuck in other crafts over the years. I would apply it to different things,