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Jeri the Frog - free frog crochet pattern

Earlier this year I decided to have a go at making a pattern for a frog.  I'd started noticing frogs popping up all around, then a friend actually suggested I make one. I remembered making one several years before without writing any notes.  I was in the midst of many other projects so I put off starting this pattern. As always though, I was thinking about how I would go about the design, what's in a frog after all?  (5 minute read) froggie frogs When I'd finally made headspace to look at this project, I was then overwhelmed by options .  I started with sketching them out because I wanted to pinpoint what makes the toy look like a frog, I looked up actually frogs, plushie frogs, toy frogs, and more. Over breakfast on a couple mornings I sketched and doodled and floundered on options some more. I was really enchanted by blobby boy to the top right of with the creepy clear eyes, but I couldn't quite wrap my head around how  I would achieve that, let alone write the patter