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If you're interested in getting in contact, you can reach me at:

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You can also email me at

Please note: as of February 2021 ShinyCrochet is my main hustle, taking side stage only to my health. I try my best to respond within 24 hours, but I may take a few days to get back to you. I am also based in Australia, so time zones may also conflict with speedy replies.

If you want to pitch a few dollars my way, you could buy a pattern or two of mine on Ravelry or Etsy.

You can also choose an amount that suits you, like a tip jar, using PayPal.

Popular posts from this blog

Making My First Shawl Using Excel

I have always been drawn in by pretty shawl patterns, particularly with the gorgeous designs being released all the time. I decided to have a go at writing my own which would be light weight and using basic stitches to making it a more mindless task than the more elaborate designs.  The pattern took a lot of time to complete, as I was learning a lot at the same time as writing it. I would focus on it for a few weeks, make some good progress, then put it off a couple months.  This made the shawl sit in an interesting place in my mind as it developed through some strange times, starting to realise I was unwell, moving apartments, the bushfires starting in Australia, my brother getting married. Such a jumble of emotions and stories woven into this pattern. (10 minute read) It was so lovely to then wear to my brother's wedding, even though it was late Spring by then and fires raging all around.  Shawl's first outing This process started around May 2019, at which point I was teachin

I Ziggy - Zagged my first jumper!

Winter always sneaks up on me with the cold; and every year I plan on making myself a jumper, but by the time I settle on a pattern, it's Spring.  This year, the stars aligned. The season's cold started so much earlier, and hit so much harder. And the perfect introductory pattern popped up. The Ziggy Jumper, by Stitches by Trudy.   (7 minute read) Candid selfies are possible with The Ziggy Jumper (and a Bluetooth clicker) The final detail I needed to start: the yarn.  I've been working through my stash for the last year or so, but with only cottons and limited hand dyed yarns left I needed some thing new for this. A cheeky sale popped up from Spotlight so I went to check out their options. I had looked at their online catalogue, but it's not the same as looking in person.  The moment I saw the Value Ball Rainbow 3 Pack I knew it would be perfect for this jumper. The colour changes were long enough to be nice sturdy stripes, and the colours beautiful. Though I didn't

Getting Crafty: Announcing My Vlog!

I have launched a crafting vlog channel: Shiny Crafting on YouTube! !! Crochet may have been my main craft over the last... decade, but now I'm going to be vlogging my hand sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, painting and more. I'll be sharing progress, experiments, and decision making along the way.  I'll be posting every two weeks, roughly, with miscellaneous craft related topics. Three videos are live so far on YouTube, and have been sharing various projects on socials in the last few months. Links to the channel and socials  are on my LinkTree . (10 minute read) Awkward but excited I may do the odd tutorial, but that won't be the focus. I spend a lot of time each week with tutorials for crochet as Shiny Crochet , and while I love that, I'm very excited to have this separate space for a more relaxed and candid format.  Crochet definitely took priority for a long time, but even then I still snuck in other crafts over the years. I would apply it to different things,