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Announcing #ShinyGiantCat Crochet-Along!

At long last, I can announce the start of my first crochet along! Launching 16 May 2021, we will be making a Hobbes inspired tiger crochet plushie. 

Crochet Hobbes (tiger) plushie sitting at a restaurant table with a pink milkshake, burger and fries in front of him.
Dining out in style

The pattern is brand new and will be releasing in line with the craft along free on Ravelry and YouTube! 

I have worked incredibly hard on this project for coming up to two years, more details on that on Sunday. The pattern will be available as both written and video tutorial, for your preference. 

The pattern has been split into ten parts with a PDF and video per section (plus intro), the schedule:

  • Introduction / Trailer - 16 May 2021 8pm AEST
  • Part One - 23 May 2021 8pm AEST
  • New release every 2 weeks
  • Part Ten / Final release - 26 September 2021 8pm AEST

Be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to be notified on releases:

The full list will be available on this playlist as they are released: YouTube Playlist.

The PDF will be on my Ravelry – I will trigger an update email with each release. A new PDF will be added for each release, which can be easily printed and added together. Once the full pattern is out, it will be updated to a single file. 

To join in you will need the following:


A crochet Hobbes (tiger) plushie standing up, with photo from above. A lego man is standing next to the ear, which is about the same size. This is to show the scale of the toy as it's very large.
Lego man for scale
10 ply / Aran weight yarn in orange, black and cream (or the colours of your choice). I would recommend 200g of each colour. I believe mine was Red Heart 10 ply, but it was unlabelled so I can’t say for certain. I use acrylic for a few reasons; use whatever suits your style. 


I use a 4.5mm hook, be sure to do a test run. If you find there are holes, try going down a hook size. If it is too tight or the hook doesn’t move easily through, then go up a hook size. 

You will also need: 

  1. Yarn needle
  2. Scissors
  3. Polyfill fibre
  4. Stitch markers / pins 

If you are joining in and sharing on social media, use #ShinyGiantCat so we can find each other! I’m Shiny Crochet / ShinyCrochet on all platforms and love being tagged on my patterns. 

Though the pattern and tutorials are available completely free, you can support me by buying paid patterns on Ravelry and/or donation via PayPal:

Have a lovely day. 

A flat lay of the parts of crochet Hobbes (tiger) plushie, where all the body parts are laid out before construction. They are on a purple and blue geometric carpet.
Let's get building


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